Moises Ponce

When I reached out to Raizah I was in a very rough time in my life. Married, but unhappy. My significant other at the time, and I constantly bumped heads, that to me seemed just about everything. We constantly didn’t agree constantly fought and at times I was lost and confused and didn’t know what else to do.
 I talked to Raizah a few times via text or sometimes a phone call and in those moments I felt like a light of clarity coming from her. She explained to me certain scenarios and explained different energies and so forth that I had never heard of or experienced but I somehow understood her and what she was trying to get me to soak up.
 Months went by and my marriage did not get any better, but my mental health did. I did not allow my unfortunate situations to defeat me because I was in a higher state of mind and knew at that point that this marriage, relationship or what have you call wasn’t for me. Yeah, it sucked. But my heart and my mind knew that separating myself from the bad energy of that relationship was for the best. There’s a saying in Spanish, “mejor solo que mal acompañado” which easily translates to “better alone than in bad company” I was emotionally and mentally drained trying to attempt to make my marriage work, that with Raizahs guidance and support I knew I was going to be alright.
Fast forward January 2019 months later not in that relationship anymore. My life is good. Feeling good living better, mental and spiritual health is real. I couldn’t have done it without Raizah’s guidance, every time we linked up it’s like she knew what exactly I was going through, exactly what I was feeling and where exactly I was headed with my situation. I trip out because I’ve never experienced this. But I’m grateful I’ve overcome the toughest year of my life thanks to a long time good friend like you. Forever grateful. One love amiga ❤