Ideas Worth Expanding. Lets Collaborate!

Systematic Creation

  • Introduce farming practices into urban areas with intentions of decentralizing the sources of food in our human civilization. By fostering communal connection through organically grown, local food, healing energy will be provided the opportunity to expand through its creation and conscious consumption. By choosing to eat local, city dwellers will not only benefit themselves but the environment as well.
  • A network created to connect beings and their ventures to collaborate on ideas and ultimately expand the scope of healing projects and energy on earth.
  • A method to bring nonlinearity to the masses: Create a curriculum taught in a workshop to demonstrate means of natural connection and understanding. The curriculum focuses on curing the ailment of human consciousness.
  • The well-developed individual is the antidote to tyranny and biological mal-evolution. We must evolve individuals who think independently about related matters. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them” – Albert Einstein

Developmental Research

  • Investigate the ancient history of unified physics, sacred geometry, and metaphysical energy use to reintegrate its benefits into our current society.
  • Measure the heart on an energic level. What if we created a palpable or visual measure of the energy field emanating from the heart? In an artistic sensory display, this field consisting of electromagnetic radiation could be shown to draw meaning from how we connect with the natural environment, as well as one another. When intentions are shifted we may draw conclusions from the observable difference, and move closer to understanding the ailment of human consciousness.
  • Measure the physical as well as the energetic quality of water and food in many different locations. From this, we may draw relationships between the quality of consciousness in people who consume the food + water, and the quality of the food + water itself. Theory: improving human awareness may be as simple and foundational as an improvement in food + water quality
  • “The Ubuntu Movement” As an ancient societal system that stems from Africa, Ubuntu, or ‘Humanity to others’ unites communities that thrive on all levels of society. Founded on the philosophy that if something is not good for everyone, then its no good at all, members of the community work for a common purpose that aims for abundance for all. It holds fundamental beliefs of absolute equality while residing in harmony will all of nature, our planet and all of creation.


If interested to expand on any of these ideas, contact me and let us co-create!