Services Offered


Relationship Support

A conscious relationship is a powerful tool for personal growth. We are here to help you and your partner learn how to:

  • Create the space for growth through unconditional love and understanding
  • Heal wounds by identifying the root of your triggers
  • Develop healthy communication techniques for meeting one another’s needs
  • Create a deeper bond of trust and emotional intimacy
  • Embrace one another’s darkness and harmonize imbalances to uncover deeper love

We are here to help you and your partner bring awareness to blockages creating resentment and stagnancy in your relationship. In a conscious way, everyone is able to move past old paradigms of beliefs and evolve into greater authentic expressions. The results of this work include freedom, love, connection, happiness, and fulfillment.

For those interested in manifesting a balanced and healthy relationship while experiencing more unconditional love and abundance, contact us at and let’s start a conversation to get you there! We are a donation based service with a passion to bring truth and healing to all. Let’s talk soon!


You might have this idea in your head of a very powerful healer, dancing around you, an embodiment of connection to source and guidance… that powerful healer is Raizah! I myself am a healer and I work on the body so my connection to Raizah was strong immediately. Raizah channels healing energy from various benevolent … Continue reading “Stephanie Ingraham, Siyo”

Stephanie Ingraham, Siyo

When I reached out to Raizah I was in a very rough time in my life. Married, but unhappy. My significant other at the time, and I constantly bumped heads, that to me seemed just about everything. We constantly didn’t agree constantly fought and at times I was lost and confused and didn’t know what … Continue reading “Moises Ponce”

Moises Ponce

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