Niles Ackerman

Holistic Health Coach

My name is Niles Ackerman. I am a Holistic Health and Fitness Coach in Pacific Grove, CA. I provide online or in-person coaching in the forms of personal training, nutrition, lifestyle patterns, self-discovery, life purpose, meditation, emotional intelligence, relationships, and more.

After graduating from The University of Massachusetts, I lived nomadically for several years in search of well-being and the meaning of life. By way of experience, I have uncovered truth in the field of health and wellness. I am a teacher (and a student) of many healing modalities and practices. As a competent leader in holistic health and wellness, I am here to empower you with knowledge, tools, wisdom, and guidance to create harmony in all areas of life.

Get in touch for a free discovery call! Working together is highly customizable for your goals and interests.

What I do
  • Holistic Health
  • Nutrition Programming
  • Personal Training
  • Workshop Facilitating
  • Life Purpose
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Meditation
  • Subconscious Mind