Conscious Continuum Update + Guided Breathwork

Hello family! Thanks again for tuning in to the Conscious Continuum. Many of you have come to know this channel through travel videos and adventures. After traveling for 2.5 years we are entering a new stage of life: Staying in one place! We are excited to grow some roots here in beautiful Monterey California. Yes, we still live in our tiny home (off-grid casita camper) and we love it! Now that we are growing roots and spending less time traveling, our content on this channel is going to evolve a bit. We will now be focusing on bringing you tools, wisdom and guidance for actualizing holistic health. See you in the videos to come – enjoy!

I hope you find the technique in this video useful. Breathwork is a powerful practice with many benefits including: equanimity of the nervous system, alkalizing the body, increased depth of cellular respiration, mindfulness, emotional release, balancing biochemical interactions, deducing stress, downregulating inflammation and much more. Here are the simple instructions for this exercise:

1. 23 deep breaths while focusing on feelings and moving the arms up and down 2. Exhale retention with lions breath + gentle belly massage 3. Inhale retention pointing arms and fingers above the head + release emotions through the fingers 4. Arms come slowly down and sweep the aura clean

Let us know how this practice works for you!

Building a Compost Toilet for our Off-Grid Casita

Join us as we learn how to build our first composting toilet and install it in our tiny camper. After completing this project we now feel empowered with the ability to take care of our own waste! It’s another aspect of life that we can take into our own hands, which just feels right..

If you’re looking to build one for yourself, see our free instructional document linked in the youtube description. It lists all the tools and materials you will need to create your own!

Much love,

Raizah and Niles

We bought a Casita Camper || Off- Grid Conversion

After our road trip to Canada, we landed in Colorado and marveled at the opportunity of finding our new home. We desired something a little bigger and a little more comfortable than our 13 ft camper, Gypsy. We came across this 1997 17′ Casita camper and with a little TLC, she quickly began to feel like home.

In this video, we make the Casita into an Off-Grid home. Our Casita is the “Freedom” model, but we essentially turned her into the Spirit model. Thank you for coming to our virtual house warming.

Much Love,
R & N

Exploring the North in Our Off-Grid Tiny Camper!


Tag along on our Canadian adventures as we travel through British Columbia, Alberta and back down through the great national parks of Montana and Wyoming. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video!

What We Learned While Exploring the Pacific Northwest


Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed the adventures and learned something too!


Join us as we share the amazing story of Cecilia Mailon and her dream of creating VeganVille! As a certified Non-profit 501(C)3, Veganville is a sanctuary for rescued animals and a space for the community to build compassion for animals and for the environment.

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Exploring Northern California

Join us on another adventure through Northern California! Catch a glimpse of our lifestyle on the road and follow along as we continue north. Have a great week!